Roof Top Decks Etobicoke

About our Roof Top Decks Etobicoke

Thinking of building a deck over your flat roof? Roof top decks are amazing, especially if you have a nice view of the city or like to enjoy the outdoors. It gives your home a beautiful look and also increases your property value and the lifespan of your flat roof. Trust your roof top to  well-trained professionals.

Similar to buying basement space, moving up is often the best way to gain outdoor space for city living especially if you have the view of downtown Etobicoke.

Where most homes do not have backyards or open areas, the rooftop deck is a great solution for enjoying the outdoors. We have the expertise to not only help you design and build your rooftop deck, but we also help you in maintaining it for longer time.

Remember that the roof has to be just as strong as the floor below to support all deck material and people that will be walking on it. It is also essential to waterproof your roof and have proper drainage. Let us take care of your roof top deck project and give yourself the peace of mind: a service professionally done. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Roof Top Decks Toronto

CQR Roofing offers the opportunity to choose from a range of deck designs that will fit your home, style, and environment. Choose from traditional wood decks, composite decks and even vinyl roof decks. We use top quality decking products and highly qualified professionals for each job.

Below are a few of the options of our Roof Top Decks solutions. Please give us a call today to have one of our decking consultants contact you with more information.

  • Wood Deck

Wood is the traditional classic option that gives you unlimited design options. You can also paint or stain the deck according to your individual taste. Our design team can show you several options, or implement your own idea to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

  • Composite Deck

It is one of the most exciting new innovations in deck material. It is a mixture of half wood and half polymer and has the strength and durability of a vinyl deck with the aesthetic appeal of a wooden deck. This long lasting deck is also splinter free.

  • Vinyl Deck

Vinyl decks are affordable, durable and last forever. You do not need to stain or paint them. They come in various colors and textures. Our team will be happy to show you the various options.

  • Give us a call today.