Downpipes Etobicoke

Downpipes Etobicoke

The downpipe connects and leads the water from the gutter to the ground or to another gutter at a lower level. It is essential to have the correct size, angle, position, length and number of downpipes in your property in order to avoid formation of ice sheets on walkways, overflowing gutters and pipes splitting during the winter.

It’s essential for the water coming down the downpipes to be directed away from the property, since any water sitting around the outside walls of the property long enough, will eventually find its way in to the basement!


CQR Roofing has great experience of installing all types of spouting, continuous spouting, gutters and downpipes including PVC spouting, zincalume spouting, color steel gutters, copper gutters, color steel spouting, copper spouting, and zincalume gutters. We use premium products and we take pride in our quality work, which is fully guaranteed. We install industrial, residential and commercial spouting and gutters and provide free quotations.

We offer you comprehensive guttering and spouting maintenance and repair solutions. We repair and replace spouting, and downpipes, clean out gutters and replace sections of spouting and gutters. We also provide a maintenance service to ensure your downpipes remain in good working order all year round. So give us a call if you need downpipe repairs or replacements and we’ll be around in no time.

Downpipes Toronto

Whether you have built or bought a new property or just want to make renovations in your home, efficient disposal or collection of rainwater is essential to the maintenance of your roof and house.

Proper gutter installation along with downpipe installation can prevent leaks, water damage to walls and foundations. Initially, the damage may be minor and easily repaired, but if neglected it can become extensive and repair costs can be very high.

Cracked or leaking downpipes can cause the roof to swell, walls to crack and foundations to get weakened. Broken roof tiles, leaking or blocked gutters on roofs can cause water logging and damage to the interior of your property or with heavy rains, cause extensive damage from flooding.

We advise to regularly check your roof, gutter and downpipes or call us for a regular check up and regular gutter maintenance and consider the installation of gutter guards to stop leaves and debris from causing the gutter to clog and overflow when it rains.